At GymCo we tailor our corporate Gym Memberships to each of our corporate clients needs. We have multiple gyms with state of the art Gym Facilites, spa area and Free Classes available to let you build a happier and healthier work environment for your employees

Benefits of a Fit and Healthy Employee

  • Fit employees are less like to become sick
  • Fit employees have more energy with leads to better productivity
  • Fit employees have more Self Confidence
  • Fit employees become less stressed
  • Fit employees tend to have a better and more positive attitude

Benefits for Your Employee

• Employees gain access to all our Free Classes
• Employees receive a tailored GymCo Journey designed by one of our Experienced Fitness Team
• Employees get to train with your work friends and help push eachother along

We at GymCo we can offer corporate members more

  • In Office Work Out (why not have a member of our team come out at Lunch time and take a Yoga class) perfect way to finish a Friday afternoon
  • In Office Wellness day were a member of our experienced team can call out and give your employees a talk on the benefits on health and fitness
  • Organise a class for your employees in one off one our state of the art studios perfect way for team building

Benefits for you as an employee

• Reduced stress level of your staff
• Reduced casual absences due to illness
• Increased sense of self worth and confidence for your staff
• Greater staff well being


Full Company invoice

Pay the full amount for your employees

Part Company Invoice

Contribute part of the membership fee with the remainder paid by the employee via a monthly direct debit

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