352 Healthcare Benefits for GymCo Members

January 18, 2017



A new partnership between Northern Ireland’s largest private healthcare provider, the 3fivetwo Group, and Belfast-based gym company, GymCo, means local people can reap the benefits of looking good on the outside whilst knowing their inner health and wellbeing can be monitored and checked at any stage, as well.


The new healthcare partnership means that new customers as well as those who are signed up as members to GymCo can now receive special rates and discounts off treatments at 3fivetwo such as health screenings and eye tests, along with access to specialist consultants.


Part of the JDM Group, GymCO boasts 2 gyms in Belfast, one located at Finaghy Road North within the Devenish Complex and the other at Cityside Retail Park at Yorkgate, while plans are already in place for further sites within greater Belfast and further afield. The staff at GymCo as well as clients will gain access to the most complete package for sports and fitness along with rapid access to MRI scans, surgery and consultations through 3fivetwo’s National Sports Injury Clinic at Kingsbridge Private Hospital, located on the Lisburn Road.


Jim Conlon, Director of the JDM Group, says the partnership is one which puts GymCo at the heart of Belfast's health and fitness platform,


“At this time of year many of us are trying to make a new start and get more active especially after over indulging a little over the festive season.  Whilst many of us are becoming more health aware, we want to help pioneer this new stance on fitness, health and wellbeing together, as they are all connected.”


“Many people start heavy training regimes without having their heart or blood checked beforehand to make sure it’s safe, or even chatted to their GP about any concerns they may have about their general wellbeing. Through this partnership we can give members exclusive deals for health checkups with dieticians and consultants at Kingsbridge Private Hospital so they can train safely, knowing all their health requirements are being met.”


GymCo currently employ 25 staff across 2 gyms, but Mr. Conlon says the have no plans on stopping there.


“We aim to grow the GymCo name and our facilities in the coming years to propel ourselves to the forefront of Northern Irish fitness and this partnership represents a big step forward for us, one which we are really excited about.”


Robbie Maye, sales executive for the 3fivetwo Group, feels the deal will benefit many local gym goers and sports people alike.


“We are delighted with this partnership as it means both parties are moving forward in providing all-round, fitness and quality health packages to the public.  It creates a somewhat holistic approach to health and fitness whereby you can treat your medical and sporting needs all under one membership.”


“Where you would usually have to wait weeks to be seen for an injury, you can be seen as early as the next day by a specialist and get the medical attention you need to get back to training safely in the gym, it’s fantastic,” concludes Robbie.


For more information about GymCo or becoming a member, please visit: https://www.gymbelfast.co.uk/ Or call: 028 9560 0669

For more information about the 3fivetwo Group services, visit: http://3fivetwo.com/group/home

Or call: 0845 60 06 352



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