Project Description

Lindsey Abbott

Since completing a BSC Hons in Sport and Exercise Science in 2010 I have been lucky enough to spend the last 7 years working in this exciting and ever changing industry.My main passion has always been group exercise as it allows me to incorporate my love for music with designing challenging, high energy workouts all while helping people to become fitter and more confident.

How do I help members on their GymCo journey?

As a qualified personal trainer I feel i have the knowledge and experience to help members realise their potential and achieve their fitness goals. I understand that to many people the gym floor can be a daunting place and that’s why my main priority is to make members, especially complete beginners feel as comfortable as possible. The great thing about the GymCo member journey is that we design a workout adapted exactly to your needs and ability. Also, you have the option of regular reviews to see how you’re progressing and to ensure you feel fully supported every step of the way.

Testomonial: Denise Donnelly

When I joined GymCo at Finaghy I was overweight, lethargic and unfit. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle for health reasons and to feel more energetic. As part of my induction I was offered a free member journey program. This was to tailor a fitness program to suit me and target exercises that would benefit me and keep me motivated.
Lindsey was the fitness instructor who started me on my program. After discussing my fitness levels and what I wanted to achieve, I was shown around specific equipment that Lindsey explained would be most beneficial for my weight loss and help me become fitter.

After four weeks Lindsey reviewed the program and it was evident that my fitness levels had increased and I was feeling much more energetic. I was introduced to additional equipment and exercises which meant I could vary my workouts and stay motivated.

After 6 weeks I felt so much better and Lindsey encouraged me to try some of the classes. I decided to try spin but was so apprehensive, I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I was able to go at my own pace and use the resistance that was best for me.

It’s a great workout and I have gradually built up my stamina and each week it gets a little bit easier!
The GymCo member journey program really worked for me and without Lindsey helping me I would never have ventured near a class or used the variety of equipment that I do now. I am so much fitter and feel so much better. I would recommend all members take advantage of this and get a bespoke program that works for you.