Project Description

Contact number: 07525 743043

Degrees & certificates
Level 3 personal Trainer
Level 2 fitness and gym instructor
Btec National Sports & Exercise science

Body Transformation
Weight loss/toning
Hypertrophy weight training

Training philosophy
My dedication, commitment and focus of attention is in helping you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible making your fitness dream your reality.

Client testimonials
After years of going to the gym but not seeing much progress, I decided to start personal training with Keaton on the recommendation of a friend. What a great decision! Keaton is a great motivator and trainer, keeping each session fresh and well balanced. I saw almost immediate change in my body- much better than if I was training on my own. Keaton took the time too understand my goals and even provided me with a diet plan too make sure I am eating properly. Thanks Keaton!

Over the 12 week physique programme that I worked with Keaton i lost over 2.5 stone dropping inches and body fat all over especially around the stomach area that I had struggled with for years awesome trainer can not recommend him highly enough!

Through Keatons skill, knowledge and experience of fitness training he was able to train me in the use of a wide range of weights. This resulted in me achieving weight loss whilst building stamina and strength. Once my programme was complete Keaton had built my confidence and ability to continue by myself