Project Description

James Higgins

Mobile: 07803304900
Facebook: (james higgins)
(james higgins strength & conditioning)


• Active IQ diploma level 2 ( gym instruction)
• Active IQ diploma level 3 (personal training)
• Certified mma conditioning coach
• Kettlebell instructor


• transformations / optimising body composition
(fat loss / hypertrophy)
• performance enhancement /
sport specific program design
• strength training
• boxing / muay thai pad work


In my years of training/coaching i believe that one factor outweighs everything else in whether or not you will achieve your goals, whatever the endeavour , whether your a professional athlete or someone who wants to lose a few lbs & look good naked, and that factor is CONSISTENCY! set realistic goals & work consistently towards achieving them.. a good trainer/coach is invaluable on your fitness journey in that they can lay out a path and direct you towards your own specific goals.