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Helmi Dneni

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You become what you do


Level 2-Fitness Instructing
Level 3-Personal Training


My personal training experience holds a wide variety of clientele, each of my clients are very different; different abilities, different ages, different sizes but what they do all share is that they want to visually look better, physically improve and most of all feel positive and good within themselves. All of my previous and current clients have set a goal, whether it be to drop a dress size or just simply build on strength, I believe putting a plan in place keeps you accountable.

When approaching both nutrition and training, I feel simplicity is a significant factor to thoroughly consider. Previously with competing in a fitness competition myself, first hand I know the extreme impact that intense dieting/training can have. Therefore, a good balance of sustainability, consistency and perseverance is vital in order to get the most out of your training and nutrition. Allowing you to build a healthy mindset and approach whilst still enjoying your social life as well as consistently improving physically and visually.


I approached Helmi in the gym one day for advice and explained that I have never reached my goal of cutting down to my ideal weight for my height. He specifically explained from the start how difficult my journey would be. I was anxious as I have always had trouble cutting weight, although the diet Helmi provided was fantastic and realistic as I do not eat vegetables, alternatives were available. It was specific and tailored for myself. I felt like giving up several times but Helmi provided great support not only as a personal trainer but as a friend.

In the end the results I got were far beyond my expectations. On a daily basis I now know what is required regarding my diet and training.Fantastic PT.

I went onboard with Helmi to get out of my comfort zone, try to reach the next level in my development. After my first session I knew I was going to work harder than ever, Helmi’s personal experience with training helped me push beyond my limits. He’s a very open and honest Pt who is very reliable. Helmi also makes the process of dieting as simple as possible to ensure you stay on track.

The best element of his training is that it’s never the same old routine.