Project Description

Gerard Armstrong

Mobile: 07477806302
Twitter: Gerard Armstrong @redzone_perform
Instagram: gerdyarmstrong

Degrees and Certifications
Bsc Sports Performance and Coaching
PGDip Sports and Exercise Nutrition
N.S.C.A. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Level 3 Personal Training
UKSCA Weightlifting for sports performance
UKSCA Plyometrics, Agility and Speed


Strength and conditioning for sports performance
Nutritional counselling
Dietary Assessment
Nutritional strategies and meal plans
Weight loss
Movement analysis

My philosophy

There’s no magic pill, nor super diet or fancy exercise DVD, that will get you to where you want to be. Keep it simple, be consistent and fuel your body properly and you’ll get the rewards you deserve. I’ve been in the fitness, sport and exercise science industry for 12 years now and believe me I’ve seen every fad diet and every advertisement trying to flog us the six pack abs we all desire. One thing I’ve learned through years of coaching and academic study. There aint no quick fix!!! Don’t believe the hype and be stuck in that cycle of poor results and loss of motivation. Let a professional guide you with proper fitness programing and nutritional guidance, to get the results that you deserve.


Kevin Braniff (Gym Co and Ballymena United)

I’ve been working with Gerard on and off for many years now. I recently approached Gerard to help me out. As I’m getting slightly older and my football career is in its twilight. I have found my ability to recover is starting to fade and niggling injuries are beginning to reduce my playing time. Through Gerard’s experience in sports performance, he is helping me become more resilient, with the hope of prolonging my career and keeping me injury free.”

Noel Murray (PGA Ireland golfer)

I worked with Gerard for over a year to help improve my game. I had been going to the gym and doing my own thing, without seeing any performance improvements. A chance meeting at the driving range and chat with Gerard, I decided to work with him. Through proper programming and nutritional strategies, I found a massive difference in my game. I improved my mobility, balance, strength and explosiveness, with these improvements carrying over onto the golf course. I had more control over my swing and seen massive improvements in the distance I could hit the ball. Although golf is not considered a game requiring profound athletic ability, I do feel the improvements I’ve made in the gym have helped massively with my game.”