Project Description

Daniel Buser

Mobile: 07712450721
Facebook: LiveMotionByDB
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Who am I?

I will keep it short and sweet for you guys!
I’m Dan. I’m 26. I’ve personal trained for 8 years. I love what I do. I’m an international athlete.

My philosophy
Health and fitness is so much more than a 40 day diet and a photoshoot. It’s about finding balance, sustainability and enjoyment within your lifestyle. It’s about being more than just a gym goer, a yogi or a runner, it’s about being all 3. I work with my clients to create a training plan, lifestyle and mindset that allows them to get the maximum out of the gym and more importantly, out of their lives.


I started training with Daniel in May 2015, Excellent trainer who gives individualised workouts
Which are very challenging but fun, he pushes and encourages you to have confidence and believe in Yourself to achieve your goals. I can’t recommend Daniel highly enough he is not just a personal trainer he is a friend as he is to Everyone who trains with him.

I started training with Daniel around 2 years ago and my overall strength and fitness has improved so much. He makes workouts fun and exciting, always teaching me new things! Seeing results has been the best part!

Daniels training sessions are always challenging but never dull. He believes the key to consistent training is keeping it fun and he designs his programmes with this in mind – keeping you in constant motion!

Daniels workouts are great as they are structured. He is always inventive with the exercises which will challenge you and your fitness – making you want to push a little bit further every time.

First method of training that I have found FUN AND EFFECTIVE! First class.

What I find most important im my training is versititly and inresnity, which is exactly what I get when I train with Daniel. Every session is different, challenging and most importantly – effective. Making me determined to smash my goals! #danstheman

‘I have been attending Daniels classes for over a year and it’s one of the only work outs I look forward to! Every class is different, one class we can do a full body workout or a surprise focus class that you can’t walk after. Daniel is enthusiastic and helps everyone feel involved regardless of their fitness levels, he makes each class a unique challenge. A year ago I would never have imagined enjoying a circuits class and now I can’t wait for them and feel out of sync when I miss them’

Dan has made my training enjoyable and consistent, couldn’t ask for much more!