Sports Massage at Gym Co

We have recovery covered

Sports massage has a number of physical, psychological, physiological benefits. It should be important part of any sportsman or woman. Sports massage can help maintain the body in overall better condition, prevent injuries, improve mobility and boost performance.

Benefits and effects of sports massage:

o Anxiety reduction

o Invigorating – if massage is done with fast movements such as what would be done prior to an event then this can produce an invigorating feeling

o Pain reduction – tension and waste products in muscles can cause pain. Massage helps reduce this by releasing endorphins

o Relaxation- muscles relax via circulation, heat generated and stretching. Mechanoreceptors are stimulated by heat, pressure, touch and length causing a reflex relaxation

o Opens micro-circulation- massage increases blood flow to tissues by dilating blood vessels and by stretching it enables nutrients pass more easily

o Improve tissue elasticity- hard training can make tissues inelastic and hard. Massage can reverse this by stretching the tissues

o Stretching –massage  stretches muscle fibres lengthwaise and sideways  it can also stretch fascia surrounding muscle releasing nay pressure and tension.

o Increases tissue permeability- helps remove waste products from the tissue but also encourages nutrients supply helping speed up recovery.